IDEA’s one-task devices are the essence of our modular technology performing several tasks such as

stirring/mixing, sensor integration, gas/liquid handling, pumping, light control for photo-bioreactors, temperature control. Some devices can be “stand-alone” whereas others need to be integrated into an equipment (at least one Industrial Grade PC, IGPC). Just click on the device and see what task can perform. 










Smart pumps

Light technology

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Control and Automation tasks

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Control tasks and Fluid handling

We provide several solutions for handling gas/liquid fluids in lab biotechnology applications, from simple operations such as open/close control of solenoid valves / pinch valves and on/off switching of air pumps, measuring of gas flow originated from bioreactors/fermenters/digesters (IDEAFLOW), measuring  and controlling flowrates of gases fed to bioreactors (analogic rotameters, digital mass flow meters/controller) and  controlling variable rpm air/liquid pumps.

This control of fluids can be used for pH control (acid/base, CO2), dissolved oxygen control (fixed aeration flowrate + ON/OFF control, variable aeration flowrate  + PID control) and for any control the user has in mind.



Lab automatic sampling devices

IDEA's is the first and unique supplier of customized automatic sampling machines.

We can provide systems for sampling from 1 to 8 parallel processes with up to 24 samples per line.

Peristaltic pumps or pinch valves (where a flow is already present) are swithced  ON to fill sample bottles according to specific time intervals or on the basis of sensor signals.

After the sampling step the lines are empted in order to avoid any contamination between two consicutive samples.

Optionally the lines can be wahsed and cleaned.



Automatic testing devices

The automatic testing device has been introduced to automate O2 respirometric tests in order to perform cyclic testing on a single process (1 point) or to test max 6 samples (n points) automatically*.

Any test cycle consists of 4 steps:

1) Sampling (left channel of 3 way pinch valve + clockwise pumping)

2) Test & Reaction

3) Empting the vessel (right channel of 3 way pinch valve + counterclockwise pumping)

4) Water & Air cleaning and empting


*individual pinch valves are activated to pump one sample at a time.



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