IDEA’s one-task devices are the essence of our modular technology performing several tasks such as

stirring/mixing, sensor integration, gas/liquid handling, pumping, light control for photo-bioreactors, temperature control. Some devices can be “stand-alone” whereas others need to be integrated into an equipment (at least one Industrial Grade PC, IGPC). Just click on the device and see what task can perform. 










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Stirring modality: MAG or MEC-REACTOR?


· Vessels designed to be operated with mag stirrers

· Cost-saving solution for low & medium viscosity applications

· Mag bars options:

   1) Cylindrical (IKAFLON® 50 x 8 mm power SmSo by IKA)

   2) Special shape & more power (Asteroid 40 by 2mag AG)

   3) Impeller/Anchor type shaft assembly (by DURAN Group)   

   4) No mag bar*


*Mag bars are not required for use with lab shakers of SCREWED-HEAD vessels

or for microalgae air-stirred applications.



· Vessels with overhead stirrers integrated in the headplate 

· Designed for medium (in case of critical applications*) & high viscosity applications


*with the use of MAG-REACTOR there is a risk of spin-out of the mag bar or misalignment of magnetic shaft assembly even with our intermittent technology and powerful magnets. This depends on the viscosity of the liquid and the rpm of the stirrer.


Closing technology: SREW or FLANGED-HEAD?

SCREW-HEAD (DN = 65 mm - DN = 80 mm)

· Cost-saving but less connectivity*

· Duran GLS80/GL100 wide neck bottles and our special headplates

· Ideal for batch processes

FLANGED-HEAD (DN = 60 mm, 150 mm, 200 mm)​

· Higher price for more connectivity*

* connectivity is a concept  correlated with the admissible number of fluid & sensor ports on the headplate of a vessel, it depends on the Diameter Nominal (DN) of the reactor headplate. 


Headplate materials

2 types of materials:

· PP - base (good chemical compatibility, not autoclavable)

· performance (superior chemical compatibility, autoclavable)



Reactor configuration: Size, Material and Shape

Borosilicate glass in 4 (6) standard sizes, 6 volumes:

· flange: DN 65, DN 85, DN 120, DN 150 (DN 200 or DN 300 on request)

· volumes: 250 mL - 500 mL - 1 L - 2 L - 3 L - 5 L (higher volumes on request)

3 materials:

Optional materials

· PVC, PP or PMMA (up to 100 L)

· AISI on request

2 options:

· Single wall

· Double wall